Thinking Of Getting Health Insurance?

When comparing individual health insurance quotes in the marketplace it is very important that you are comparing plans that have similar policy benefits.

Ask about the limitations of the health insurance coverage as well as the deductibles. Additionally, 14 percent of Ohio residents under the age of sixty-five did not have health insurance during 2005.

Unlike most of your employed counterparts, there is no employer subsidy for your health insurance. Contacting a benefits insurance broker whenever you call or email a health insurance broker, it is very important to prepare ahead of time.

We also find ourselves more stressed about finances and frustrated about escalating health insurance premiums, greater deductibles, larger co-pays and higher taxes.

How much better can it get for those with no health insurance? We offer a unique and innovative suite of individual health insurance solutions, including highly competitive HSA-qualified plans, and an unparalleled ‘real time’ application and acceptance experience. They are responsible for paying their own taxes, and you no longer have to pay for health insurance.

Private health insurance should not be confused with permanent health insurance, which is something completely unrelated to medical costs and which pays out an income if you become permanently ill. It was our decision to write so much on health insurance after finding out that there is still so much to learn on health insurance. A recent study showed that 74 percent of standard workers have health insurance through their jobs, compared to only 21 percent of non-standard workers.

Many folks also believe that long term care is covered by health insurance and/or Medicare. This can be car insurance, gas, transportation, health insurance, food, etc. Health insurance portability & accountability act ensures complete security of digital health information that includes – secure storage system and secure transmission of digital information over the Internet.

If you’re interested in premium individual health insurance preferred provider plan at affordable rates, created specifically for young, healthy individuals, you should take a look at precedent.

One business man predicts that if nothing is done and the health insurance premiums keep increasing that in the year 2008, the amount of health premium contribution to employer will surpass their profit. The number of people that are forced to go without health insurance is nothing less than a crisis in this country today.

Voted the number one insurance portal by Florida consumers, Florida Health insurance web, reports nearly three million Floridians without health insurance in Florida. So it does not make sense for them to be paying a high premium for a traditional health insurance plan with co-pay, particularly when their medical treatments are not covered anyway.

You and your family’s health insurance needs will change as well so be sure and add or remove options and benefits to customize the plan to best fit your needs.

A health insurance lead can also be someone who is self-employed and needs to obtain coverage for themselves or their entire family. Smoking will not immediately disqualify you from being approved for health insurance but it really doesn’t help your over all cost. And managed care has capitalized further by applying the medical, disease-based model onto the practice, requiring any and all users of health insurance to declare a diagnosis worthy of treatment.

Increased premiums may drive people who fund their own health insurance out of the system by making personal insurance unaffordable. If you need to get a Florida health insurance quote there are several ways of getting started.

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For more information and resource links on health insurance visit: Health Insurance Ratings

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Health and Fitness – Dealing With Lower Back Pain

The most crippling type of pain is often lower back pain. This is because if your back pain is strong enough it can keep you from doing anything other than lying in a bed. Lower back pain is also a common health affliction that affects millions of people worldwide.

No matter what your health and fitness levels just about everyone has had some type of lower back pain at one point or another in their life. And the type of pain can vary from very mild to severe to crippling.

Many people, at the onset of back pain will often dismiss the issue and pretend that it will go away on its own. However, this is not usually the case as most types of back pain require some type of treatment from a chiropractor, doctor, or masseuse.

Often when the problem is ignored it only gets worse. The best way to deal with your lower back pain is to learn more about the causes so you can work towards focusing on the correct treatment.

What Causes It?

Everyone lives a different lifestyle and so the cause of one’s back pain can be from a plethora of different causes. If you are aware enough of your body and your lifestyle you should be able to pinpoint the cause of your pain.

There are a few causes that are especially common, however, they include:
* Poor posture
* Daily work habits
* Obesity
* Genetics
* Riding in a car for a long period of time
* Poor diet health (sugar increases pain)
* Bad mattress
* Poor health and fitness commitment
* Working at a computer all day
* Lifting or exercising incorrectly
* Weak muscles

How Do I Treat The Pain?

Your treatment method for lower back pain will vary, depending on the cause of the pain, the type of pain you are experiencing and the severity of it. In the case of chronic pain, medication or surgery may be suggested.

For most other types of back discomfort fitness exercises have always shown to be one of the most effective forms of treatment and the way to prevent future occurrences. Exercise never fails as it helps to work out and stretch the muscles in your back to prevent them from becoming tight and sore.

Always make sure you do your fitness exercises correctly, however, as further serious injury could occur if not. If you have severe back pain it is best to consult with your doctor or chiropractor about the types and ranges of motion you can and should perform to heal your back pain.

The Mental Health Component

Practicing Yoga or Tai Chi has also been very effective at eliminating and preventing further back pain. These exercises, along with stretching your back, will teach you the mental visualization techniques that are necessary for healing as well.

Never underestimate the power of focusing your mind. Without a clear deliberate mental intent to heal your back pain it will be tough to get the strength to perform the actions necessary to get rid of your pain. Once you have gotten rid of the pain it is necessary to always make diet health and fitness a top priority in your life to prevent further issues.

Brue M. Baker is an expert on natural health and fitness who has helped people from across the world sky-rocket their health and well-being. Rather than hitting your head against a wall trying to find unbiased health information let Brue take you by the hand and give you the bestnatural health resources on the web. Visit to learn more.

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Launching Dr. Health Care’s Army

The debate on “health care” has been raging for years, yet to this day politicians have been unable to enact a far-reaching health care program.

The debate on “health care” has been raging for years, yet to this day politicians have been unable to enact a far-reaching health care program. For this I say “thank God”! There really are two directions we can go with fixing health care, one being a government run program commonly called “Universal Health Care” and the other being to embrace a “free enterprise” or “market driven” approach to health care.

Something missing in the debate is the voice of “common sense” which would tell us that since NO Government run program has ever worked properly in all my years on this earth we should not expect one to work now. Also in my life here on earth I have lived and worked in a market driven health care environment and it worked just fine.

Unfortunately the debate as we witness it through the news media has been one-sided telling us “we need a government solution” to health care, and as we move forward we will explore why this is. But if we don’t strengthen the voice for a free enterprise/market driven health care system we face the prospect of losing more than a workable health care system. We face losing the freedoms granted us in our constitution in all areas of life and this is fact, not a scare tactic. Since no one else seems willing to step forward to lead the effort for a workable health care system we are creating “Dr. Health Care’s Army”. BECOME INVOLVED!

The alternative scares the devil out of me and we are seeing it unfold before our very eyes. This so called “economic bailout” before Congress now includes a provision to create universal health care NOW without the benefit of debate. Politicians seem to have decided they cannot pass a standalone comprehensive health care program and are willing to force it down our throats incrementally. Let me give you an example of the nonsense in the bill being jammed down our throats.

The government will establish yet another bureaucracy for the purpose of “means testing” when a senior citizens needs medical service. The doctor must examine the patient and submit his findings to the new board for approval. If the government determines the cost of treatment is too much to justify the expenditures on a citizen too old to be productive, the payment for service will be denied.

In fact Tom Daschle, one of the architects of this abomination, has stated publicly (and here I will paraphrase) “when a person gets old they should expect to die because everyone does sooner or later and just accept it”. The time for action is NOW and it is in our collective interest to work together. I know of no other way than to create a forum such as “Dr. Health Care’s Army” that keeps everyone involved.

Through “Dr. Health Care’s Army” everyone who cares about this country’s future can become involved by joining free of charge via email. We will also regularly release articles designed to help everyone understand what health care really is and information will be concise, broad in scope and easy to read. This information will go to members and as a general release through the Internet.
When action is necessary to help our cause everyone will be notified and asked to do their part because collectively we can SUCCEED. We are prepared to take this as far as our resources and energy take us and to this end everyone who can afford to help financially will be given the opportunity.

Please understand that financial participation is not a requirement to join. This effort is not a “business” per se, it is a passion driven by a desire to do the right thing for my children, grandchildren and however corny it sounds this greatest of countries we live in here on earth.

If we need to broaden our organization, or need to become a Political Action Committee, or a non-profit, we will do it provided the resources are available. Further, I intend to be an advocate for “doctors” and for “small businesses”. These two groups are at a distinct disadvantage because of government incompetence and arrogance never seen in my lifetime.

First, doctors are faced with the prospect of becoming an “employee” of the government and this will definitely deter any competent person from even considering becoming a doctor in the future. For small businesses the financial burden of providing health care insurance for their employees is more than most of them can afford and be successful. We need to help them out!!

Fritz Scheffel has over 40 years experience working in the heatlh care industry and is author of “Health Care: It Can Be Fixed” – for more information, go to The Health Care Fix

Health Care Options For Seniors

Many seniors enjoy living in their own home with the freedom to do as they please. While some health problems may limit a senior’s ability to do so, with the right home health care, a senior can enjoy an independent life in the presence of illness or other health conditions. When a senior receives adequate health care, it can keep the senior out of a convalescent or nursing home.

For many seniors, just knowing that they will be allowed to recover at home will put them in better spirits, which is more conducive to faster healing. The goal of home health care is to provide the senior with any necessary treatment as the senior heals from an illness or injury in the home setting. Home health care concerns medical treatments and services would otherwise be done in a hospital or other health care setting. Home health care can include services such as nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, counseling, social services and speech therapy.

A doctor will prescribe home health care when the doctor feels that a patient may recover successfully at home. The doctor may order of services of a nurse, homemaker, physical therapist and a personal care worker as part of the home health care plan. Each of these personnel members would perform different tasks as the senior recovers.

The nurse would administer medications, give the patient dietary tips and would arrange any other treatments or services that are necessary. The homemaker would do the household chores, shopping and preparation of meals. The physical therapist would perform such services that would help the patient get their strength back. The personal care worker would help the patient move around their home, including such tasks as dressing, bathing and walking with the patient. The people who provide home health care services are usually licensed nurses, homemakers, therapists and personal care workers.

Many products can be purchased for the purpose of home health care. Not all the products are related to the patient’s body and instead are used to make the home safer for the patient. Such home health care product and services involves the modification of the outdoor steps, seating, inside walls, bath and shower. A walkway may be built or railings may be placed inside the home. Mobility equipment such as a cane or wheelchair may be required. Any necessary medical equipment may be rented before making a purchase as well.

Home health care services may be performed by a public, private or other organization that is devoted to these services. Home health care workers are checked by most states for criminal backgrounds. Not all states perform a background check. If a state does not perform these checks, it is up to the person hiring the services of a health care worker to make sure that their criminal record is clear.

Home health care is not the same service as home care for seniors. Generally, home care revolves around house cleaning and other chores at the house. Home health care involves medical treatments or those services that are required to help the patient recover.

Home health care allows a senior’s life to go on despite any injury or medical condition. A health problem does not automatically mean that a person has to be cooped up in a health care facility or nursing home. Patients that receive home health care are grateful for the opportunity to avoid the hospital or nursing home.

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